" Memorials in Hertfordshire "

"La carte d'identité des monuments du Hertfordshire "

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        The Hertford War memorial stands in Parliament Square Hertford.

It consists of a bronze stag standing proud atop a stone plinth. The stag is to symbolise the bravery and valour of the men whose names adorn it.

The architects were Mr Maurice Webb and Sir Aston Webb & Sons; the sculptor was Sir Edward Alfred Brisco Drury.

There are a total of 564 names on the memorial , from World War I and World War II.

It was a gift to the council from Edward Earnest Pearson and his wife , who gave it to the council in 1921. It is a common tourist attraction in Hertfordshire, and is nearly always adorned with poppy wreaths (as shown in the above picture). It features heavily in the Remembrance Day parade in Hertford and is a major feature of the town.

The memorial was designed by Mr Maurice Webb and Sir Aston Webb & Sons and then sculpted Sir Edward Alfred Brisco Drury, it features a bronze stag standing on a Portland stone plinth. On the memorial there is a carved list of men's names that had died in World War I and World War II.

There are over 560 names in the War Memorial and it is refurbished every couple of years to make sure it is in a good condition.


The Hertford War memorial is located in Parliament Square, Hertford, Hertford War Memorial was originally purchased by Sir Edward Ernest Pearson of Brikendonbury Knight. In 1991 , he and his wife gifted it to Hertford Council.

The following people were killed in a zeppelin raid in Hertford in the evenig of Wednesday, 13 october 1915 :

- Georges Stephen Game

- James L Gregory

- Arthur Hart

- John Henry Jevons

- Ernest Thomas Jolly

- Charles Spicer

- Charles Waller

The are 365 people on the memorial of people who died in World War One; there are also 199 people's names from World War Two (The memorial was designed by the famous Sir Aston Webb).

Earch year people surround the war memorial at 11am on Remembrance Sunday to think of all the soldiers that fought for us. The memorial is made of sculptured bronze stag that sits on top of stone plinth which is surrounded by the 364 names of the soldiers who fought for us, there is also the 199 names of the soldiers from World War II.



This memorial honours the residents of Ware Hertfordshire who were killed or missing in World War II. 2016 people's names are on the memorial. Many of these memorials were created after the first World War. After the Second World War, the names of those who died in that war were also added to the memorials. The monument lists 264 names of both wars in total.

Ware's war memorial is going to be revamped before July 16 2014. A service and parade are being planned in the town for Sunday 27 July 2014. It is being revamped to commemorate the 100 year anniversary since the First World War started on the 28 July 1914.

The war memorial is going to be cleaned, they are going to light it and are removing nearby trees. People are trying to find a way to attach wreaths onto the monument. Tree sap and bird dropping have damaged the 93 year old memorial and stone masons have been informed about this. Attempts are also being made to find out about every person named on the memorial and list this information on a website.

Alfie and Georgia

The 100 years anniversary since the first World War,

28 july 2014



On Sunday 31 January 1921, the Ware War Memorial was unveiled to a large crowd of people in the center of Ware.

In total 650 men from the town of ware went off to fight in the war, but 220 of them didn't come back.

It's said that every family lost a son, brother, father, husband or friend.

The memorial says the names of 2012 men who fought bravely for their country and died.The other 8 families decided not to have the names of their loved ones put up, as they didn't want to be reminded of the sacrifice.

Sir Reginald Blomfeild designed the memorial . It's made out or Portland Stone and has the cross of sacrifice at the head of it. The men's names are then engraved in them.



Tewin Memorial commemorates the residents of tewin who were killed or missing.Under World War One they have 31 names on the list.

It is a combined memorial, so the names are made up of both victims from the First and Second World Wars. There are 38 names on the list altogether.

The memorial is made of stone, and sealed with wooden crosses and wreathes with poppies bu local school.



This war memorial is a Portland stone wheel cross on a trapezium shaped base with sloping faces. There is a circle of stone in the middle of the cross.

The names of the heroes who died are carved on the plinth which is a piece of square stone which is held up by the base.

On one side of the base is a laurel wreath with a crown in the centre . The memorial is on square slabs of stone with a metal chain fence around it.

On the front of the plinth is the dedication :

" In memory of our men who fell in the Great War 1914-1919 "

 Armistice Day Service at The War Memorial,

Hatfield Heath on Monday 11 november 2013

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